If you are a keen angler it is well worth getting yourself a decent flask for fishing. There’s nothing like a hot tea/coffee or a bowl of soup when you’re out on the bank.

This is especially true when you are out in colder conditions. Your flask doesn’t go to waste in the summer months either. A good flask not only keeps things hot, but it will also keep things nice and cold.

But what is the best flask for fishing and outdoor pursuits? well, let’s take a look at my top 3 flasks for fishing. All of which are durable, affordable, and good at keeping things hot or cold.

The 3 Best Flasks For Fishing

The Lokpesco Thermos Flask

The Lokpesco is probably a name that you have never heard of. Having said that this is a good durable stainless steel flask that will keep your drink warm for a good 24 hours and keep drinks cold for 36 hours.

It is worth noting that this flask is rather large and will hold 2 litres of liquid. For this reason, it is only really worth purchasing if it is meant for more than one person. Unless of course, you drink a fair bit when you are out on the bank.

Due to the size, it does come with a durable shoulder strap for easy transportation. It also comes with 2 cups included. Click the image below for more information.

The Lokpesco Flask

The Stanley Classic

This flask is my personal favourite and I have had one for several years now. I have dropped mine on more than one occasion and it is still good as new. They really are a very durable flask and perfect for taking fishing. This is definitely a contender for being the best flask for fishing. I really do love it.

Unlike the previous flask, my Stanley classic only carries 1 litre of liquid. But I find that more than adequate for a day’s fishing for one person. They also do a larger size of 1.9 litres if you are after a bigger flask. This flask is dishwasher safe and made from BPA free food-grade stainless steel.

I really can’t recommend this product enough. Click the image for more information.

The Stanley Classic

The Thermos Stainless King Flask

This Flask made by ‘Thermos’ really is a nice-looking bit of kit. This is another stainless steel flask that is nice and durable. I slightly favour the steel ones for durability over the plastic flasks available.

Like most decent flasks it is capable of keeping your drinks hot or cold for a good 24 hours. Which is plenty of time for your average fishing session. It comes with 1 stainless steel cup and is available in several different colours. Weighing only 1.46 lb it is fairly easy to carry about with you and has a drink capacity of 1.2 litres.

The Thermos Stainless King Flask

The Best Food Flasks For Fishing

Not all of us anglers like drinking hot drinks so why bother getting a flask for fishing? Well, hot food of course. Nowadays you can buy flasks that are designed with a wider opening for hot food and soups in mind. Here are my top 3 soup flasks for fishing.

The Stanley Food Jar

The Stanley food jar is a descendant of the Stanley classic. Shorter and stubbier than its cousin, the food jar is better suited for soups and hot food. Because of its wide opening, it makes it a lot easier to pour soups and hot food into it. This also makes the cleaning of it a lot less of a task.

Like the Stanley classic, this is also dishwasher safe and it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Click on the image to check out more details.

The Stanley Food Jar

The Thermos King Food Flask

My next choice is another nice stainless steel number made by ‘Thermos’. Like with the Stanley it is shorter and stubbier than your average drinks flask making it easier to store food stuff in. It has I nice wide opening making it simple to fill up, empty and clean.

This flask has a capacity of 710 ml. Due to its compact size it is nice and easy to store away in your fishing bag, taking up very little room. Food will stay hot in this flask for around 9 hours and the lid will double up as a nice little bowl. Unlike the Stanley though, it only comes with a 5 year guarantee and not a lifetime one.

If you need any more details please click on the image below.

The Thermos King Food Flask

The Thermos Dual Compartment Food Flask

A good mate of mine has one of these that he takes fishing, and I like them a lot. Food will only stay hot for around 7 hours, but to be fair it is usually consumed within that time anyway.

The neat thing about this flask is that it has 2 compartments. 1 for hot food and one for cold such as salads etc. The cold compartment will keep things cool for up to 22 hours. With a built in handle, a stainless steel spork and a 5 year guarantee it really is a good bit of kit. It is slightly pricier than the other 2 I have mentioned, but you do get a lot of flask for the money.

Check out the price by clicking on the image below.

The Thermos Dual Compartment Food Flask

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Flask?

When you first get a bran new flask it will need a clean prior to use. Simply do this by adding hot water inside the flask, replace the lid and shake well. Tip this water out and repeat 3 times.

This should be enough for a new flask, but what about one that has been left a day or two? If a flask is left for more than 24 hours it will probably begin to smell. To combat this problem first swill out the flask with warm water then add half a cup of white vinegar. Then add to that 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

You will notice it will start to froth up. When it has stopped frothing fill to the top with hot water. Do not replace the lid.

After about 10 minutes get a bottle brush and give it a good scrub. This should also get rid of any stains that have built up in the flask. When you have finished scrubbing empty all the contents and give it a thorough rinse with hot water. Leave to dry on your drying board and then it should be as good as new.

To Conclude The Best Flask For Fishing

To me, these really are the best flasks for fishing and outdoor pursuits. They are strong, rugged, and durable. They will also keep your desired food or drink as hot or cold for as long as you need on your fishing adventures. Tight lines and enjoy your fishing.

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