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    What is Fjuka?

    If you are reading this then the chances are you are wondering to yourself ‘what is Fjuka?’.

    Well Fjuka is a brand of revolutionary new fishing bait that seems to be taking the angling world by storm. Top names in the fishing world such as Matt Hayes has tried and tested Fjuka and the results were staggering. It really is a very versatile bait that seems to attract all species of fish.

    This bait will work really well on your average commercial type fisheries pulling in the carp, tench and bream. Not only that it works unbelievably well for the smaller fish such as roach, rudd and perch etc. Fishing venues such as rivers and canals will also benefit from this curious new wonder bait.

    The Fjuka bait is available in 3 main types. The Neeonz hookbait, the micro’s and the 2 in1. All of which can be used as hook bait straight out of the packet.

    The Fjuka Neeonz Hookbait

    The Fjuka Neeonz are available in 4 neon colours. Lightning White, Well Hello Yellow, Brilliant Orange and Powerful Pink. These neon colours are designed to be easily seen in the murky waters.

    Although these baits are different colours they do not vary in flavour. The tube they come in is full of 150 7mm hookable size pellets. If you need a different size bait simply just pull them apart and re mould. If you need a bigger bait just add a few together and re mould, it is as simple as that. There are no nasty ingredients in these little versatile pellets. They are made primarily with ingredients fit for human consumption, with an added neon pigment. 

    Pretty much every fresh water species of fish can be caught on these little beauts. These are a bait that the fish just simply love.

    The Fjuka Micro Pellets

    Now these are really good! Fjuka claim that these pellets give off 3000 times the amount of attractant than regular oil based baits. Whether this claim is true or not I’m not sure of, but blimey they really do attract the fish!

    As with the Neeonz you can mould these pellets to whatever size you wish. Due to their size they make an awesome loose feed. But because of their versatility they really work well on the hook as well with no fears of them falling off whilst casting. 

    Each bag contains 3000 micro pellets and if stored correctly will stay usable and soft for up to 12 months. Just be sure to keep them in a sealed container. These pellets come in 4 different colours which are red, yellow, black and white.

    The Fjuka 2 in 1 Hookbait

    This version of the bait comes in 5mm and you get over a 1000 in each bag for £1.99. That really is superb value for your money. Not only do these pellets work, they work really well. I bloody love them and I think you will too. One of the bonus’s of using these is that you wont need a bait band or a bait drill, just mount them straight on the hook. Saving you time and effort on the bank.

    All of these baits come loaded with ,sensate’. This is a micro attractant that the fish find hard to resist. This starts getting released as soon as the bait hits the waters surface, pulling in all the fish in the area.

    Is Castability of Fjuka Pellets Good?

    The answer to this is the Fjuka pellets cast superbly. There is no need for any doubts that your bait may of came off like some pellet type baits.

    As long as you have hooked the bait properly then that bait isn’t going anywhere.

    I used it successfully at my local commercial fishery. I was fishing a good 3 rod lengths out, and I had no problems with casting. Give it a go yourselves, I really think you will be impressed with the outcome.

    The Best Thing About Fjuka

    I think the best thing about using this bait is that it can mimic other baits. 

    Try moulding any of the colours into maggot shapes to fool the fish. The yellow pellets can be changed in an instant to mimic a piece of corn. The white can be instantly transformed to look like bread, and the red can be deadly looking like a worm. 

    The options are endless, they catch fish and it is great fun trying all these different ways out on the bank.

    Is Fjuka Really That Versatile?

    Yes This bait is hugely versatile. It can be Hair rigged, put straight on the hook, used as loose feed or used with a pellet band. It can be made into all shapes and sizes and comes available in 4 different colours. As mentioned earlier it can even be used to mimic other popular baits such as corn, bread, worms etc. This in turn will save you money on other baits, save you the hassle of going to buy the other baits and means you will have less stuff to weigh you down. 

    Is Fjuka Expensive?

    No Fjuka isn’t expensive at all. Compared to other baits out there it is actually cheaper. If you think about it you will also be saving money by not buying additional baits such as corn and bread. The 2 in 1 hook baits retail at £1.99 a pack. The Neeonz are £4.99 a pack and the micro’s are 2.99 a pack. All these products are also available in bulk buys making them even cheaper to purchase.

    To Conclude

    Fjuka is a brilliant versatile new type of bait that is catching fish everywhere. It can be used in almost all situations and tends to put fish on the bank when all other baits are failing. If you don’t believe me get yourself some Fjuka pellets and try them out. I’ll be surprised if you aren’t impressed with the results. So what is Fjuka? A brand that is taking fishing bait to a whole new level.




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