A load of colourful cheb weights

One of the greatest things about being an angler is that there are so many different pieces of equipment at your disposal.

In years gone by, back in the dark ages of fishing, anglers would have had to make do with whatever nature offered them. But today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of angling solutions that can make bagging a catch easier than ever.

So what is a Cheb rig exactly? A Cheb rig, or to call it by its full name, a Cheburashka rig is a concept developed in Russia but is something that is now hugely popular in the United Kingdom and various other countries across the world.

It consists of a ball with a double-ended looped pin that goes through the middle of it. At one end of the pin you attach a hook, at the other end, you attach your line. You then hook up a soft plastic lure to the hook.

A selection of cheb weights
A handful of Nine Seven Tungsten Cheb weights

In this article, we are going to give you a brief introduction to the Cheb rig and find out what all the fuss is about.

What Is So Special About A Cheb Rig?

A rig is just a rig, right? Wrong! The Cheb rig has a variety of benefits that set it apart from other types of rig and this makes it a favourite among perch anglers. If you have ever fished for perch, you will know that they can be pretty elusive but using a Cheb rig might be your key to success.

Cheb rigs were first designed by Russian anglers but over time, this idea has spread across Europe and into the UK, where it is now a well-loved option.

These rigs are particularly useful for searching for the fish but unlike other types of rig that have the same concept, the Cheb rig does this much more quickly. The result? You cover a lot more water in a lot less time.

This type of rig plays on movement in the water and gives off an impressive amount of jiggle which, as we know, is incredibly attractive to the fish. The design is based around a pin and weight system which is very effective for bottom jiggling.

Another of the features that makes the Cheb rig an incredibly popular choice is how versatile they are. You can quite easily change the weight, pattern, and size of the hook with hardly any effort at all; once again, this is a quick process.

What’s The Setup Of The Cheb Rig?

While these are diverse rigs, a Cheb rig isn’t overly complicated and it takes a quick look at one to demonstrate this.

Most of the time, you will use a finesse worm hook with a Cheb rig but you can also use an EWG offset hook for just as great results. The Cheb weights come in varying sizes which adds to the versatility.

You also have options when it comes to the type of bait you will use with your Cheb rig. In the main, many anglers like to go for a float stop along with their bait as this helps to hold it in place while the rig is moving around in the water.

Some cheb weights ready for catching perch
Some Nine Seven Tungsten Chebs in Action

What are the Benefits of Using a Cheb Rig?

A firm bite is achieved because the weight is attached to your hook.

The hook and the weight are both easy to change.

Alterations can be made to the hook, weight, and bait depending on the type of fish you want to catch.

The hook will move while the bait remains still.

Cheb rigs are weedless.

Who Should Use A Cheb Rig?

The Cheb rig is a hugely versatile piece of equipment and is ideal in situations where the angler doesn’t stay in one spot for a long period. If you often find yourself moving from place to place, you will need a rig that is going to be able to adapt to this, and the Cheb rig can do this.

For anyone who will fish in various situations, for example, if you find yourself in different swims, depths, or conditions then a Cheb rig will be versatile enough to cater to your needs. Most importantly, it takes very little effort to make these adaptations from place to place.

The beauty of the Cheb rig is that it is ideal for fishing in all seasons and can be put in your fishing bag to be used all year round. This is ideal for perch fishing which is one of the few types of angling that can be done without issue throughout the entire year. Perch spawn in spring and so will be quite active but are also excellent catches in winter when they are at their largest.

The best time of day to go perch fishing is during the low light of dusk and dawn. If you have had little success in landing a catch at these times, a Cheb rig could be something of a game-changer for you.

You may need to get used to using a Cheb rig as they are quite unlike anything else. However, one of the best tips we can offer is that once the weight lands, you will need to have a little patience since the bait may take a while to bob up. Once it has, try moving no more than six inches at a time before letting it settle again.

Four perch and a cheb rig
Some nice perch caught on a cheb rig

To Conclude

A Cheb rig is ideal for fishing for perch as well as many other species of fish. It features an attached weight and hook and can be used easily and in many different situations.

While it was invented in Russia, this type of rig is now very popular among British anglers and it is little wonder the many advantages it has. 

It is a good versatile way of presenting your lures to those wary inquisitive perch. Drop-shotting for perch is another good technique if the bottom is too snaggy for a cheb weight.

Cheb weights are very reasonably priced if you purchase them from places such as Nine Seven Tungsten. Dan the man in charge will be more than happy to advise you on what you are after.

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