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A selection of polarised sunglasses for fishing

While some anglers only fish at night, a large majority of us that like to hit the water during the day. A huge amount of fishing takes place over the summer months and this means that you will need to think about sun safety, as well as reducing glare on the water. So what are the best polarised fishing sunglasses to buy?.

The good news is that there are many to choose from. Perhaps too many!

You want to make sure that you are getting the best value for money as well as a pair of sunglasses that will do what they promise to. In this guide, we will be introducing you to some of the best-polarised sunglasses for fishing as well as giving you some helpful tips for making a purchase. 

Why Wear Polarised Sunglasses For Fishing?


Polarised sunglasses are used to stop light from hitting you directly in the eyes. They work by reflecting the light away from the eyes and this allows you to see much better.

Our eyes work when light reflects off an object, and this allows us to see whatever it is that light is bouncing off. The light scatters and we are able to see the image. However, when a surface is incredibly reflective, this light doesn’t have a chance to scatter as it normally would as what we get is all of this light-reflecting right back into our eyes.

Not only does this massively affect your vision and prevent you from being able to see what is happening on and under the water but it can also be highly damaging to your eyes. If you spend a lot of time angling in the sun, then a pair of polarised glasses will be extremely beneficial. Not to mention that spotting fish under the surface is so much easier with some decent glasses.

When you are fishing, one of the advantages is being able to see what is in the water. OK, if things are a little murky then that’s not always so easy but if there is any clarity to the water, this will be immediately taken away with glare from the sun.

Polarised glasses eliminate this glare and allow you to see fish as they cruise around.


What are the Best Fishing Glasses Available?

So, now we understand the importance of polarised sunglasses, it’s time to start shopping for a pair. But after a quick Google search, you will soon see that there are thousands of products to choose from.

We know you want to get back out on the water as soon as possible and that online shopping is the last of your priorities. So, we have saved you the time and put together a list of our top three polarised sunglasses for fishing! 

The RidgeMonkey Pola-Flare

What first struck us about these sunglasses was how lightweight and easy to wear they are. Oftentimes, you will find that your sunglasses can feel heavy and uncomfortable on the face but that certainly isn’t a problem here. The wrap design fits the contours of your head and looks stylish to boot!

What’s more, Ridgemonkey is renowned for its high-quality gear and this is perfectly demonstrated in the durability and structure of the glasses.

Not only this but they feature spectacularly clear lenses. In some polarising glasses, the vision is inferior as the coating can get in the way. But the innovative design approach means that you achieve unobstructed vision with full protection.

They come with an adjustable lanyard so you never lose the glasses as well as a soft storage case and wipe-clean cloth to keep them smear-free. Are these the best fishing glasses? let’s look at a few more. Please click on the image for more details.

The Ridgemonkey Polar-Flare

The Fox Rage Sunglasses

If you’re in the market for something incredibly stylish and bang up to date but that doesn’t compromise on protection then these Fox Rage sunglasses might be right up your street.

But what really grabs your attention is that these glasses are a steal, even though they boast all the features you would expect from a pair of polarised sunglasses, they won’t break the bank!

Specifically designed with fishing in mind, these are great for people who are serious about angling. Your eyes will be fully protected from the sun and the polarised lenses will reduce glare to almost nothing.

These are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear but also outstandingly durable. When you spend a lot of time outdoors, you absolutely need a product that can stand up to the challenges and these do that excellently. Please click on the image for more details.

The Fox Rage Sunglasses

Daiwa Infinity Camo Sunglasses

If you like to couple angling with other outdoor pursuits, then it’s possible that you require camouflage. For people who engage in hunting, paintballing, and various other sports, staying hidden is essential and while your glasses may only be a small part of your get-up, if they’re garish, they will give you away.

These camo polarised sunglasses are perfect for outdoor life, including those fishing trips when you need reliable eye protection.

They do an excellent job at reducing glare almost down to nothing and offer a sturdy and reliable design that will see you through many long days of angling.

The Daiwa sunglasses are extremely lightweight and a dream to wear. They won’t rub or cause friction and will stay put even when things get active. Please click on the image for more details.

The Daiwa Infinity Sunglasses

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Polarised Fishing Sunglasses

You could go for the first pair of polarising sunglasses that catch your eye and you might just get lucky and stumble upon a decent pair. However, there are a lot of inferior products out there and this can mean that you might as well throw your money into the water along with your bait.

But, with a little bit of consideration about the various features of the glasses, you can ensure that you find the perfect pair.

1. Colour

You will notice that the lenses on polarised sunglasses come in a variety of colours. But this is not merely a fashion statement, these colours do play a role in the function of the glasses.  

If the glasses have lighter coloured lenses, they will typically be better for use in low-light conditions and won’t reflect the glare quite as well.

Conversely, if the lenses are darker in colour, such as grey, bronze, dark brown etc, these will offer much greater protection from the glare.

Choose the right colour that suits your needs.

2. Style

Just because you are buying practical attire, it doesn’t mean that it has to look bad. Aesthetics are just as important as practicality so you should take the time to find a pair of sunglasses that you like the look of.

There are, as we have mentioned, thousands of designs. If your eyesight isn’t great and you typically wear prescription sunglasses, your choices expand even more. Most opticians give you the option to choose a frame and they will include polarised lenses.

However, you might also choose one of the many designs online and take them to be fitted with your prescription polarised lenses.


3. Lens Material

Most polarised sunglasses will come with lenses that are made from either polycarbonate or glass. Both of these offer great durability and visibility, however, they do have their pros and cons.

Glass is much heavier than polycarbonate so it may be a little more weighty on the face. That being said, if you are looking for excellent clarity then glass definitely has the upper hand.

Polycarbonate is much more lightweight and tends to be the more durable of the two materials. It is scratch-resistant and often cheaper. With that in mind, the visual clarity is somewhat reduced.

4. Price

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have a limit when it comes to spending. Some of us are lucky enough to have a generous limit whereas others might want to save some pennies when buying their sunglasses.

The good news is that there are loads of budget-friendly polarised glasses that perform very well. The key is to look at the various features to determine whether they will work as expected or are merely a cheap knockoff.

Always check the reviews on websites such as Amazon and don’t be afraid to ask for some advice from your local tackle dealer. Almost all dealers will help you out where they can.

To Conclude

When you are out on the water trying to bag up, there is nothing more frustrating than the sun glaring into your eyes off the water.

You could battle with nature but it’ll likely result in a less than satisfactory day’s fishing and most likely a headache. However, investing in a pair of some of the best polarised fishing sunglasses available will mean that you get a clear view of the water, be able to spot more fish and your eyes remain protected. It’s a win-win all around!