Trapper Hooks

On a recent trip to Orlando, where Damion Fryer would spend a considerable amount of time targeting largemouth bass, he was presented with a variety of hooks from a company called Trapper Tackle. 

Trapper Tackle won Best new Product Twice

Damion Proving They Work

Trapper Tackle is a relatively new company based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They have won best New Product Showcase twice on the run at iCAST, the world’s largest sports fishing trade show, held at the Orlando Convention Centre. Having seen Trapper Hooks several times on various social media sites, he was keen to give them a go. What sets Trapper Hooks apart from all other hooks is the patented Trapper box section on the hook, which is located where the traditional bend should be.

Trapper Hooks Give you Superior Bait Presentation

The Trapper box hook doesn’t have the pivot point that a traditional hook has, meaning that once you have set the hook, the square box stops the hook from rotating in the fish’s mouth, which makes it very difficult for the fish to escape.

Not only does this hook give you superb hook holds, the design also means that your soft plastic lure is also locked into place better, giving you superior bait presentation. Soft plastic lures also have a longer lifespan with the Trapper Hook, as once the baits start to tear, the box section will stop the lure from sliding around the bend, meaning your weedless presentation is maintained.

There are Several Hooks in The Range

Trebles Also Available

All the hooks are all made from a hi-carbon steel and have an extremely sharp hook point, making hook penetration easier. There are several hooks in the range including drop-shot/live-bait/finesse hooks, 30 degree jig hooks and offset wide gap hooks in Standard, X Heavy, and XXX Heavy gauge. Trapper Tackle has also released a range of treble hooks which are also available in a range of sizes.


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