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Tips for Catching UK Bass

Let’s take a look at some top tips for catching UK Bass. Unfortunately for us, we are not lucky enough to have freshwater Bass in the UK. Saying that though we are lucky enough to have them in fair numbers up and down our coastline. With a bit of local knowledge and a few tips, hopefully, you will be able to catch some of these beautiful fish with a rod and line.

This post is dedicated to the humble Bass because it is a Fish with so many loyal followers. Generally speaking, Bass anglers are passionate about their hobby and truly love fishing for them. I have gathered answers from real Bass fishermen/women after asking them for their tips on catching Bass in the UK. Here are the top answers, I hope you find them useful.

Stay Safe Whilst Bass Fishing

Number one on the list by far is stay safe!

Safety is everything when out on our ever-changing coastline. Quite often you will find yourself scrambling over slippery rocks, make sure you are wearing adequate decent waterproof boots. 

Always keep an eye on the tide if you are going somewhere that can be cut off by the water. The tide can turn at an astounding pace and quite often catches people out. Always tell people exactly where you are going and keep a phone and a whistle on you at all times if possible.

Don’t Ignore the Shallows

Before you start causing a bit of commotion at the water’s edge, just bear in mind that the Bass could quite easily be laying in the margins / shallow water. It’s always worth your first few casts being in the shallows.

It’s always worth taking a look at your marks in a low spring tide. That way you can check for snags, rocks, and ambush points, etc. It is always worth knowing what you are up against. 

Keep Your Hooks Sharp

This may sound quite obvious, but it is surprising how many people don’t take much notice of their hooks. Your hooks are prone to rust and corrode somewhat after spending a bit of time in the salty water. 

Get a decent hook sharpener and keep on top of the sharpness of them, or simply just use another sharper hook. There are plenty of good brands around nowadays to choose from.

Which Tide is Best for Bass?

Generally speaking, a moving tide is the best type of tide for sea fishing in general. Bass fishing is no exception. You can still catch fish at low tide and high tide but I certainly favour a rising tide.

This is when the fish really start to wake up due to the nature of the water. All the sea bed is now being churned up, including all food particles and crabs, etc. The Bass will start coming closer in to feed and make it easier to catch them.

When to Fish for Bass

If you have done any type of predator fishing you would have noticed a favoured time that they tend to feed.

This is done mostly around the times of dawn and dusk. Bass are no different. I guess the bass just have a bit more confidence under low light conditions. 

So to up your chances a bit go an hour on either side of dawn and dusk and see what happens.

Look for Some Structure

Like with a lot of predatory fish, bass love hanging out near structures. Big rocky areas can be an ideal place to find some bass lurking around, but please be careful whilst fishing these areas. The rocks really do get unbelievably slippery when wet. Other popular structures for bass are jeti’s, piers, snags, and sandbanks. 

Bad Days Can be Good Days

Don’t write off a session due to bright conditions or bad tides, Bass can be very unpredictable. Like with most fish they can have a tendency to surprise us. The worst looking of days can sometimes turn out to be the better ones.

Certainly, be prepared to lose some tackle whilst Bass fishing. There will be a very good chance that you will be fishing very close to snags and rocks etc. Sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Different Baits for Bass

Bass are greedy buggers with a good-sized mouth on them. One of my favourite ways of catching bass is with lures. Lure fishing for bass can be really rewarding with some banging strikes that will leave you wanting more. Peeler crab and ragworm cocktail is another good bait for bass that I have done really well on. other baits include prawns, squid, sand eels, sprats, and mackerel heads. 


Hopefully, these tips for catching UK bass will help you put a few more in your net. Just stick at it and keep learning your own techniques for bass fishing. What could work today, may not catch bugger all tomorrow. Fishing is a wonderful sport that is full of learning and new experiences every time we go. Have fun learning and stay safe.

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