As you can probably tell by its appearance, the Zander is a close relative to the Perch, and is quite often referred to as the Pike-Perch. With its spikey dorsal fin and elongated body, people tend to believe this fish is cross bred, But contrary to popular belief it is not a cross breed of the Perch and Pike.

You can currently find Zander in several different countries across the globe including, Great Britain, Europe, Siberia, and Kazakhstan. Here in England Zander were introduced in the twentieth century into the Fens. Since then they have grown dramatically in population. They can now be found in rivers, lakes and canals up and down our country.

Although a lot of people enjoy catching the Zander, Here in the Uk they are actually classed as a non native invasive species, therefore a lot of fisheries don’t like you to return them alive. Even though here in England we don’t generally eat the Zander, across places like Europe it is classed as a delicacy and people can pay good money to eat it.

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