The Perch will live in most waters.

The Perch is part of the Percidae family and is commonly found in vast numbers across the globe. In general they tend to hang around in shoals. Though the bigger fish can some times tend to be solitary.
A typical place you could catch the Perch.
Perch are generally found in all types of water including ponds, lakes, rivers, canals and reservoirs. Perch are mainly carnivorous and will happily feed on all sorts of food including Worms, small fish, insects and grubs amongst other things.

The Perch is one of fresh waters top Predators.

They are certainly up there in the top freshwater predatory fish, generally green in colour with dark stripes down their sides, they blend in perfectly with their under water surroundings. Their dorsal fin is designed with sharp points along it, equally spiny is their opercula, which is the piece of bone which protects their gills, so great care is to be taken whilst handling them. In my Country (England) Perch fishing has grown in popularity over the last few years due to the increase in their size. Most methods will catch them including float fishing, lure fishing and ledgering. Popular baits for Perch include Worms, Maggots (especially red) Prawns, lures and small live baits.
Harry Purdoe with a 3lb 13 oz perch
An Ondex spinner.
An Ondex spinner used for Perch.

Be careful when unhooking them.

The current British record Perch stands at 6lb 3oz. Always carry adequate unhooking utensils when fishing for Perch including a damp rag if your inexperienced at handling them, disgorger and forceps because they are notorious for swallowing the hook deep down in their throat.  


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