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The Deeper Pro+ | Best Budget Fish Finder

The Deeper Pro+

Is the Deeper Pro+ worth purchasing? If you’re at all like us, you want to cover as much water as possible and get the most out of every fishing trip. But up until recently, you would have had to rely on your own skill and hope that you come across as many fish as possible.

But thanks to modern technology, anglers are now able to get deeper into the water and explore the depths in search of the best catch possible.

How do We hear you cry? With the latest Deeper Pro + fishfinder, of course.

In this review, we will be looking at what you can expect if you decide to invest in this top-of-the-range piece of angling equipment as well as taking a closer look at the features and giving you our verdict. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!I

What Is The Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder?

The Deeper Pro+ fishfinder is the latest in fish-locating technology and blends GPS capabilities with sonar to scan more water in a quicker time. It is ideal for anglers who want to cover greater areas giving them the best idea of where to find the biggest and most lucrative catch.

With this top-of-the-range tech, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Deeper Pro + would set you back a pretty penny but for just a snip over £200, you’re not going to be out of pocket for the privilege.

Now you might be wondering why you wouldn’t go for the slightly less expensive Deeper Pro and that is a viable musing. In short, the Pro + offers GPS capabilities, where the Deeper Pro does not. If you want to make the most out of your angling, then going for the advanced option is always going to yield better results.

One of the things that have caught the attention of many anglers where the Deeper Pro + is concerned is how it opens their eyes to things they never knew about their favourite fishing spots. While you may think that you know your favourite lake, river or ocean spot pretty well, once you cast out the Deeper Pro +, you will see the area in a whole new light. If you want to take your angling to the next level then this is one of the best ways to do it.

The Pro + gives you the option to create an underwater map of any given fishing spot and save it for next time. You will be at an incredible advantage.

Of course, as with any piece of modern tech, the Deeper Pro + comes complete with its own smartphone app which is invaluable in its operation. Once downloaded, you will have access to all of the relevant information making the entire experience a Cinch.


Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Made from ABS plastic

Dual-beam sonar frequency

100m depth range

Temperature sensor

15 scans per second

Works down to -20ºc

Lithium-ion battery


Built-in WiFi

Comes with a USB wire and neoprene pouch

Two-year warranty

The deeper pro plus on a boat

The Deeper Pro+ Can be Mounted to a Boat Very Easily

Is The Deeper Pro+ Easy To Use?

The last thing that anybody wants is an overly complex piece of equipment that takes more time to pick up than you have when the fishing season starts. Fortunately, the Deeper Pro + is an extremely easy-to-use piece of technology to get your head around and it really does do most of the hard work for you. In a word; it’s effortless.

The Deeper App

Let’s start with the app. We won’t lie, the app has had some teething problems and there have been reports of it being a little temperamental. But this aside, the app is easy to use and pretty clear.

It offers plenty of info on the location you are fishing, including the current weather and conditions which is essential to know if you want to get a feel for how the fish might be behaving.

You’ve got the option to log your catches and share them on various social media channels. If you like to show off your successes then this is a great way to do it. We will point out that the app can be used without the Deeper Pro + as a standalone aid but you won’t be getting half as much success as you would when pairing it with the hardware device.

There is a handy calendar that gives you all the details on the best time to fish. It provides you with info on the weather, pressure, temperature, and much more.

Our Rating

The Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder

In terms of ease of use, you’ll likely find that the Deeper Pro + is simple right from the off. Out of the box, the instructions are easy to understand and you’ll be getting started in no time.

However, what we were most impressed about is that there is no need to connect to WiFI; the Pro + has its own inbuilt WiFi signal. When you’re out on the lake or at sea, you are hardly going to be traveling with a WiFi router and not many of us want to use our precious smartphone data as a hotspot.

The WiFi reach is up to 80 metres, which is equal to around 22 wraps and while at its max, you may find the signal isn’t perfect, it certainly works much better than alternatives.

What Are The Main Features Of The Deeper Pro+

It’s all well and good us telling you that this device will improve your angling game and take your catch rate to incredible new heights but how does it do this? Let’s take a look at the individual features of the Deeper Pro + to discover a little more.

Onshore GPS Mapping

Whether you are standing on the shore or out on a boat, the Deeper Pro + gives you unparalleled GPS mapping that is unbelievably accurate.

There is currently, at the time of writing this review, no other fish scanner that is capable of creating bathymetric maps. That’s a fancy term for an underwater map if you were wondering. As such, this puts it at the forefront of its game and way ahead of its competitors.  

But what is even more beautiful is that, through the power of the app, these maps are delivered directly to your smartphone in seconds.

Impressive Casting Range

You will want to cover as much water as possible, that’s one of the reasons you are considering this type of technology, right? With some scanners, the casting range leaves a lot to be desired, but with the Deeper Pro +, we were extremely impressed to see that you can cast out to 100 metres giving you a ridiculously wide reach.

Furthermore, there is nothing else on the market, at the moment, that has a reach this great.

The casting range is aided by two scanning beams depending on whether you are looking to scan the general area or go a little more detailed. When scanning a wider range, you would use the 90kHz 55º beam and then move to the 290kHz 15º narrow beam when you need

something a little more detailed. In short, it is an incredibly diverse scanner that will leave no stone unturned.

Depth Scanner

If you have used a fishfinder in the past, then you will appreciate that anything else on the market can only scan down to a maximum depth of 50 metres.

That’s fine if you are fishing in shallower waters but now, you can bring out the big guns and go much further down. The Deeper Pro + fishfinder takes you down to depths of 80 metres, another feature that puts it leaps and bounds ahead of its competition.

Accuracy And Speed

You haven’t got time to waste and this concept has been kept in mind when the Deeper Pro + was made. Anglers want a precise reading in the quickest time but up until now, this hasn’t been very well-achieved. That has changed entirely with the Pro +.

This device sends out beams that have a separation on just an inch and these go out at a rate of 15 scans every second. The fish aren’t going to be able to get away.

Furthermore, this information is delivered back to you at lightning speed – well almost. The WiFi signal that the Pro + uses beams info up to ten times more quickly than BlueTooth. That’s pretty quick and won’t leave you hanging around to bag a good catch.

Locate More Than Ever Before

That GPS mapping system we talked about earlier, gives you a clear picture of what is at the bottom of the water.

Not only does it map out where the fish are but everything on the bed of the river, ocean, or wherever you happen to be angling. Rocks, plants, debris, and even the contours of the river bed are all picked up by the scanner, giving you the clearest picture of what’s down there. It

will even tell you the consistency of the water bed so you’ll know if the fish have the option of bury down into the silt.

Keep Track Of Everything

If you’ve been out on one trip, you are likely going to want to log everything and come back to the same spot again. Most of us have our favourite fishing spots and as we mentioned earlier, the Deeper Pro + will allow you to see it in an entirely new way.

The app allows you to log your catches with detailed notes as well as photos. Furthermore, you can note your favourite spots, car parks and any other information that is relevant to your trip and share the lot on social media.

The detail you can note is incredible, from the type of bait you used to the technique that works best.


No matter what type of angling you enjoy, the Deeper Pro + could become your new companion. It is designed to work both on and off the water; kayaks, boats and those onshore can benefit from the incredible reach and accuracy of this amazing device.

What’s more, the Deeper Pro + can be used in even the most demanding conditions. Ice? Not a problem, the device is optimised for use through frozen water and the results will be no different.

To Conclude

There are a lot of people who would call this method of fishing ‘cheating’ but it really isn’t. Yes, you’re getting a little help to locate the fish but this is what modern angling is all about. Gone are the days that you need to rely on nature giving up its secrets, so we certainly wouldn’t agree with that idea.

Of course, if you prefer a more conventional approach to angling then the Deeper Pro + might not be up your street but we have to say that we were vastly impressed by it.

Right out of the box, it is a delight to use. There’s no complicated setup or processes that take a degree to get your mind around. It is simple yet incredibly effective.

While many may feel that this surely couldn’t improve your catch rate, we would have to argue that point. The results speak for themselves and looking at the success of everyone who has tried it, it is evident that using the Deeper Pro + will give you impressive results.

It isn’t a hugely pricey piece of equipment and compared to its younger sibling, the Deeper Pro, you are getting the addition of GPS mapping that takes your fishing to the next level.

Should you buy it? In a nutshell, yes, give it a whirl. We think you’ll be amazed by the results and even if you don’t end up landing a catch, you’ll certainly enjoy seeing the depths of the water in a whole new light!

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