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    The Best Kayak Fishing Accessories

    So you have yourself a kayak, you’ve got all your fishing tackle ready, and you are ready to hit the water but what other accessories will you need on your kayaking adventure? What are the best kayak fishing accessories to take with you fishing?

    Fishing from a kayak really can be an amazing way of spending a day on the water. But you don’t want to be going out without the necessary items that are needed. As well as the general accessories for a days fishing, we will also cover all the safety items you will need to keep yourself safe. If you get caught up in an emergency situation you really do need to be prepared for it.

    In this post we will take a look at the bare essentials you will need while out kayak fishing. We will also discuss why they are needed and which brand is well worth a look


    Best Safety Accessories for Kayak Fishing

    Personal Flotation Device

    A PFD (personal flotation device) is no 1 on my list and certainly the most important thing to take with you on any kayaking trip. A PFD is also known as a life jacket, life vest, and flotation suit depending where you are in the world. It really doesn’t matter how good a swimmer you are you should always be wearing one if you are out on any type of kayak.

    Even the most experienced of kayakers will tell you the importance of using a PDF! With so many to choose from it is fairly easy to find one that is suited to your personal preferences. While out fishing in kayaks look for one that isn’t too bulky, you need to be able to move freely while casting, reaching for your tackle etc. 

    Safety Flares

    There really is so many bad situations you can find yourself in while out kayaking. Obviously by taking the right precautions the chances of anything happening gets reduced some what. But nothing is ever guaranteed.

    Do not get caught out, grab your self some flares. You never know when you may find your self stranded or in trouble. At least you should be able to alert the emergency services, rescuers or any people near by that can help you.

    Two people enjoyin fishing from their kayaks

    Waterproof First aid Kit

    As with any sports or outdoor activities a first aid kit (opens an Amazon affiliate link) is highly recommended for taking out on your kayak.

    Most standard kits nowadays will have what you need in them. The only thing I would say is make sure the first aid kit itself is in a sealed waterproof container. 

    The kit is not going to be much use to you if it is soaking wet and unusable.

    A Decent Whistle or Horn

    If you find yourself in distress while out on the water you will probably be wanting to get the nearest peoples attention.

    A good way of doing this is by use of a whistle or horn.

    I usually opt for a whistle purely because they are smaller in size and a lot easier to store than a horn. It may surprise you just how far away a good whistle can be heard.

    A Knife

    A knife while out on any kind of fishing adventure can be an invaluable piece of equipment.

    If for instance you are unfortunate enough to turn your kayak over, there is a small chance you could get tangled up in fishing line, ropes etc.

    This could be fatal and having a good sharp knife at hand could well save your life. 

    A Compass and Map

    If you are on unfamiliar waterways while out kayaking, it is always a good idea to carry a compass and an up to date map of the area.

    Obviously if you are out on a lake or pond it would be quite hard to get lost. But in some countries the river systems can get a bit confusing, and learning to navigate them properly is a must.

    Always suss out your surroundings before setting off kayaking.

    Best General Accessories for Kayak Fishing

    As well as all the accessories needed for keeping you safe on the water you will also need several items of kit to aid you in your fishing adventure.

    So let’s take a look at the best kayak fishing accessories that you will need to take on board your yak. All these items that are listed are available to purchase from Amazon at a good affordable price.

    A Fish Finder

    If your budget allows it then it is well worth getting your self a decent fish finder. Fish finders are a great bit of kit that can help no end in locating the fish.

    Some anglers class it as cheating, but if it saves you time and puts you on the fish quicker surely that’s a good thing, right?

    A real good budget fish finder that can be mounted or cast out on a line is the Deeper Pro Plus. If you fancy spending a bit more check out Lowrance or Humminbird.

    A Dry Bag

    When out kayaking things like your phone, lighters, fishing licenses etc need to be stored somewhere safe.

    When out on a kayak or boat you are certainly limited to finding such a place to keep your valuables. One such place is in a dry bag. (opens an Amazon affiliate link)

    If you only have a few personal items to keep dry, start out with a 5 litre dry bag, this should be plenty big enough. 

    A decent bag will also float on water when sealed correctly.

    A Good Torch

    Obviously if you are planning on fishing after dark then a torch is an obvious choice. Personally I always have one with me anyway, just in case you do some how get stranded somewhere.

    In fact I have two, A small hand held mag lite and a head torch. (opens an Amazon affiliate link) Head torches are great when out fishing in the dark. Almost everything you do involves using both of your hands. 

    A head torch allows you to do this simply and efficiently.

    Your Phone

    Nearly every single person I know nowadays has their own phone. A phone comes in handy for several reasons while fishing.

    Firstly it is extremely handy in an emergency situation to ring either the coast guard or emergency services.

    Secondly nearly all phones have a camera on them to get a pic of that trophy fish. And lastly if you get bored and aren’t catching anything then you can ring your friends for a quick chat.

    An Extra Paddle

    The last thing you want to do while kayaking is find yourself up sh*t creek without a paddle. You always want to carry a spare in case you misplace your main paddle or damage it.

    Most decent kayaks will come with bungees on the deck for attaching your spare paddle to. Other ways of carrying it include fabric type sleeves or plastic tubes. But the bungees to me are the easiest and most hassle free way of storing the spare paddle.

    An Anchor

    Going fishing on a kayak without an anchor (opens an Amazon affiliate link)  can be a real pain. A lot of the time you may find where the fish are holding up and want to cast many times to the same spot. In this situation you will want to anchor up for a bit while you bag up catching the fish. There is some real nice kayaking style anchors around, personally I find this one spot on for me.

    A Bilge Pump

    If you are unlucky enough to spring a leak in your kayak you will want to be getting rid of the incoming water asap. For this you will require a manual bilge pump. The bilge is another name for the area in the bottom of a boat/kayak. 

    A manual bilge pump is basically a pump that is powered by hand to get rid of the excess water in your vessel. If ever you are in a situation where water is building up in your yak you will see why these are an awesome accessory to have with you.

    To Conclude

    For me the items in this post are the best accessories needed for kayak fishing. Obviously everyone’s different and your list of items may differ slightly to mine. But these to me are the bare essentials you will need while out fishing on your kayak. 

    Just remember to use your common sense and be safe. Fishing can be a truly awesome hobby enhanced by the use of a kayak as long as it is done safely. So tight lines, be safe and enjoy your fishing.

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