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The best fishing bib and brace should ideally be, comfortable, durable, waterproof, and practical. Bib and braces are a good way of keeping clean and dry whilst out fishing. They are beneficial to almost all types of angling situations and are well worth being part of your fishing wardrobe.

Bib and braces are not just for rough weather in the winter months. The lined ones are nice and warm and are good at keeping you snug in the colder conditions. In the warmer months look for a good breathable set that isn’t lined, these will be perfect for most of your summer adventures.

There are some good brands of bib and brace on the market nowadays. Once you purchase a pair the chances are you will wonder how you ever went fishing without them. Like I mentioned earlier almost all types of anglers including sea, boat, lure, pike and match anglers use a bib and brace. If you are wondering which ones to choose from, why not take a quick look at these ones below. For more details click on the image of the products. All the fishing bib and braces below are fully lined for warmth and suited for the colder months.

Daiwa Fishing Bib and Brace

Like with most of the gear made by Daiwa, this bib and brace are made to a decent standard. They are 100% waterproof, but also breathable to keep uncomfortable sweating to a minimum even though they are fully lined. 

Two pockets to the front come in handy for bits and bobs, and velcro fastened pockets to the side are thermal lined to keep your hands warm.

The knee and seat (bum) area are padded to add extra durability and the shoulder straps like with most are fully adjustable. All in all, these are pretty awesome.

Click Here To View Daiwa Bib and Brace

Pro Logic Max 5

The Max 5 bib and brace comes equipped with its own jacket. Both are 100% waterproof and come in nice-looking camo colour.

The jacket has a decent hood attached that is fully detachable and insulated for those cold winter months. The jacket itself comes with a fleece liner and has thermal handwarmer pockets.

The bib and brace are also fully lined with hand warmer pockets and two outer pockets to keep some of your bits in. The elasticated shoulder straps are also fully adjustable to fit you comfortably. 

Click Here To View The Pro Logic Bib and Brace

Storm Tex Air

The Storm Tex Air by Stormline is a good all-round fishing bib and brace. They have double-welded seams making them 100% waterproof, and double layers of PVC around the leg area for extra durability. The built-in knee pads also add strength to this bib and brace setup.

Although these aren’t designed for heavy commercial fishing, they are perfectly suited for shore or bank fishing.

They come with a decent size front pocket and adjustable ankle tabs.

Click Here To View The Stormline Bib and Brace

Shakespeare Sigma Neoprene Waterproof Chest Waders

The Shakespeare Sigma is the only bib and brace I have included that are made from neoprene. Neoprene is particularly good for keeping off the wind. These are actually waders and can be used for walking out in shallow waters. The built-in durable boots making these totally 100% waterproof.

They are made using 4mm neoprene material and come with built-in reinforced knee pads. There is also a large front pocket for a few odds and sods.

Click Here To View The Shakespeare Bib and Brace

Fladen Rescue System

If you are unfortunate enough to fall in whilst fishing, these bad boys could just save your life. These are certified as a 50-newton buoyancy aid. Which basically means they will aid you in staying afloat. 

Not only that but they will also help in keeping you upright in the water, a genius idea!

There are three drained large pockets, elasticated waist, and ITW NEXUS buckles. These could be a proper lifesaver.

Click Here To View The Fladen Bib and Brace

To Conclude

I believe the fishing bib and braces featured above are very good value for money. You really don’t need to spend a small fortune for a half-decent bib and brace. In the winter months, a bib and brace partnered up with a good jacket will certainly keep the elements off you and keep you warm and comfortable.

If you are looking for a bib and brace for the warmer months be sure to buy some that are not lined. I will do an article on unlined bib and braces shortly. Tight lines and enjoy your fishing.

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