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With so many pike fishing waters in the UK, it can be a bit of a daunting task to decide where to go and target some good fish. I’m quite lucky living where I do, I have plenty of pike fishing near me right on my doorstep. But If you are not fortunate enough to have such waters where you live then where do you go?

In this article, I shall show you some of the good pike fishing near me and how to get there. As well as letting you know about any amenities that are available to you when you get there. There really is some good places to go pike fishing in the UK.

Let’s start off by looking at the mighty Esthwaite Estate in the north.

The Esthwaite Estate

Known as one of the best pike and trout fisheries in England, Esthwaite Fishery is located in the heart of the Lake District. It is no little water at 280 acres of glacial lake in size, it’s perfect for boat or bank fishing. 

The staff at Esthwaite are very knowledgeable and equally as helpful, pointing you in the right direction for that fish of a lifetime. As well as trout up to 16lb, the Pike grows to a known whopping 46lb, so you really are in with a chance of your personal best!

Early season is the best time to get your lures in the water, dead bait is the other favoured tactic.

Esthwaite Water, very good for Pike fishing
An autumn morning at the Esthwaite estate

The Facilities At Esthwaite

At Esthwaite Fishery they accommodate the disabled fisherman/woman, with disabled parking, boats, and disabled toilets. They also boast a well-stocked onsite tackle shop and onsite cafe. Fishing tuition is also available for an extra cost. At Esthwaite you can take your own boat as well as hire one of their own.

The Rules At Esthwaite

1.  All fishermen to have an environment agency license.

2. Trout fishing between sunrise and sunset.

3. Everyone to use barbless hooks.

4. People fishing the banks don’t damage fences, walls, buildings etc.

5. One rod at a time for trout fishing.

6. Trout spinners no bigger than 5cm long.

7. No piking between 1st April and 30th September.

8. Sorry no dogs allowed.


For a full list of rules and regulations and prices at Esthwaite please go to:

What Other Pike Waters are in the North of England?

Pike fishing in the North of the UK offers some exceptional locations, each with its unique appeal and challenges. Here are four more top pike fishing destinations in the North that are renowned for their quality fishing experiences:

  • Lake Windermere, Lake District, England: As the largest natural lake in England, Windermere in the Lake District is a premier destination for pike fishing. The lake’s deep waters and abundant feeder streams create an ideal habitat for large pike. Its picturesque setting also makes it a popular choice for anglers seeking both scenic beauty and excellent fishing opportunities.
  • Loch Lomond, Scotland: This iconic Scottish loch is not only famous for its stunning scenery but also for its pike fishing. Loch Lomond’s vast size and diverse depths provide a perfect environment for pike, with opportunities to catch both quantity and quality. The loch is known for producing some of the largest pike in Scotland.
  • The River Eden, Cumbria, England: The River Eden is a hidden gem in the North, offering some of the best river pike fishing in the UK. Its clean, fast-flowing waters are home to a healthy population of pike. The river provides a more tranquil and natural fishing experience, away from the more crowded fishing spots.
  • Lough Erne, Northern Ireland: Lough Erne is a vast network of lakes and waterways known for its excellent pike fishing. The lough’s varied habitats, including deep channels and weedy bays, make it an ideal location for anglers targeting big pike. The natural beauty of the area adds to the appeal.

Each of these locations offers something special for pike anglers, from the serene and scenic waters of the Lake District and Scotland to the unique river fishing experience in Cumbria and the distinctive landscape of The Fens. Anglers visiting these destinations can expect a rewarding fishing experience, with the chance to catch some impressive pike.

Where to go Pike Fishing in the East of England?

Pike fishing in the East of the UK is characterized by a mix of river systems, broads, and lakes, each offering unique opportunities for anglers. Here are six top pike fishing locations in the East:

Bury Hill Fisheries

Bury Hill is situated in Dorking Surrey. Bury Hill has been popular since the 1960s for catching a variety of good quality fish including big Pike and double-figure Zander.

 The complex is nearly twenty acres in size and consists of four lakes including Old Bury Hill Lake which holds some good double-figure Zander to 16lb, and Pike up to 30lb have been known to come out of there. 

Old Bury Hill lake is twelve acres in size and has seventy-five fishable pegs. Lined with reed beds and lily pads it truly makes it a naturally beautiful venue to fish. Most fishing is done from the bank but little boats are available to reach those hard-to-get places.

Bury Hill Fisheries
One of the lakes at Bury Hill

The Facilities at Bury Hill

Bury Hill has a fine array of facilities. They have both ladies’ and gents’ toilets which are more than adequate for the disabled anglers among us and kept nice and clean. All the lakes including Old Bury Hill lake are disabled-friendly with platforms on which you can get a wheelchair, and nice big swims in case you need that helping hand with you.

If you ring up beforehand you can book a swim that’s nice and close to the car park and easy to get to.

There’s a nice cafe waiting for you if the fish aren’t biting with a nice view across the lake. Onsite also, is a well-stocked tackle shop supplying everything you need for that perfect day’s fishing. For more information on Bury Hill and a  full list of rules and prices please visit their website.

What Other Pike Waters are in the East Of England?

  • The Norfolk Broads, Norfolk, England: The Norfolk Broads are a network of rivers and lakes in East Anglia, famous for their excellent pike fishing. The broads provide a diverse range of habitats, from open lakes to reed-lined channels, making them a paradise for pike anglers. The clear waters and abundant prey make it a hotspot for large pike.
  • River Wensum, Norfolk, England: The River Wensum is a renowned pike fishing river in Norfolk, known for its scenic beauty and healthy pike population. The river offers a variety of fishing spots, from slow-moving stretches to more dynamic areas, providing an engaging fishing experience.
  • Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire, England: This large reservoir in Cambridgeshire is a well-known destination for pike fishing. Grafham Water is stocked with a variety of fish, creating a rich feeding ground for pike. Its size and depth offer good opportunities for both boat and shore fishing.
  • Rutland Water, Rutland, England: Rutland Water is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe and is highly regarded for its pike fishing. The lake’s diverse habitats, including deep water and submerged structures, provide excellent conditions for large pike.
  • The Fens, East Anglia, England: The Fens, a unique landscape of rivers and drainage channels, offer a distinctive pike fishing experience. The slow-moving, murky waters are known for hiding large pike, making it a challenging yet rewarding location for anglers.

These locations in the East of the UK offer a mix of river, lake, and broad fishing, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. Anglers can enjoy the tranquil settings and the potential for catching significant pike in these diverse and rich fishing grounds.

Where to go Pike Fishing in the South of England?

Pike fishing in the South of the UK offers a variety of environments, from historic rivers to large reservoirs, each providing unique opportunities for anglers. Here are four top pike fishing locations in the South:

  • The River Thames, England: The River Thames, particularly its middle and lower reaches, is a renowned pike fishing destination. Despite running through urban areas, it offers excellent pike fishing opportunities, with a healthy population of pike in various sizes. The river’s diverse environments, including backwaters and quieter stretches, are ideal for pike fishing.
  • Broadlands Lake, Hampshire, England: This famous lake in the South is known for its excellent pike fishing. Broadlands offers a mix of habitats, including deep and shallow areas, with plenty of features that attract pike, such as overhanging trees and weed beds.
  • Ardingly Reservoir, West Sussex, England: Ardingly Reservoir is a popular pike fishing destination in the South. The reservoir’s clear waters and abundant fish life create an ideal habitat for pike. It’s a great spot for both boat and bank fishing.
  • River Avon, Hampshire/Wiltshire, England: The River Avon, with its clear waters and abundant vegetation, is a fantastic location for pike fishing. The river’s varied flow and structure provide excellent habitats for pike, and it’s known for producing quality fish.

These locations in the South of the UK offer a diverse range of pike fishing experiences, from the historic and urban River Thames to the natural beauty of Chew Valley Lake and the River Avon. Anglers can enjoy the challenges and rewards of pike fishing in these varied and rich environments.

Where to go Pike Fishing in the West of England?

Pike fishing in the West of the UK is characterized by a mix of scenic lakes, reservoirs, and rivers, each offering unique experiences for anglers. Here are six top pike fishing locations in the West:

Chew Valley Lake

I have some truly awesome pike fishing near me. But nothing comes close to the mighty Chew Valley. This place really is known for being arguably the no1 place for pike fishing in the UK. Chew Valley is renowned for holding some really big old ladies, the current record Pike standing at an impressive 44lb 6oz, it may only be a matter of time before the British record gets caught here.

The previous record stood at 40lb 8oz caught whilst fly fishing, the trout are equally as impressive with the brownies reaching 22lb 7oz, and the rainbow coming in at 14lb 9oz.

Chew Valley is a prime place for fly fishing for the Pike. With plenty of features and varying depths from between 14ft in the shallows up to 37ft in the deepest parts, you have a very good chance of plopping that fly within striking distance of that eluded whopper.

You can fly fish for pike here all through the trout season, but dead bait and lure fishing is restricted to 41 days a year.

Chew Valley Pike Lake
Photo courtesy of

The Facilities At Chew

Chew Valley has a good well-stocked tackle shop called Woodford Lodge. Catering for all types of freshwater fishing. The shop staff are experienced anglers who are more than happy to share their expertise and local knowledge with you.

Chew Valley also caters to disabled anglers by providing disabled access and a wheeled boat that you can get a wheelchair into. There are also onsite disabled toilets. Click the link below for more information,

What Other Pike Waters are in the West Of England?

  • Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake), North Wales: Llyn Tegid, also known as Bala Lake, is the largest natural lake in Wales and a renowned destination for pike fishing. The lake’s size and variety of depths provide a perfect habitat for pike, and its picturesque setting in the Welsh countryside adds to the appeal.
  • Chew Valley Lake, Somerset, England: Although it’s located more towards the South, Chew Valley Lake deserves mention for its exceptional pike fishing. Known for producing record-breaking pike, its deep waters and rich aquatic life make it a hotspot for anglers seeking trophy-sized pike.
  • River Wye, Herefordshire/Wales Border: The River Wye is famous for its scenic beauty and excellent pike fishing. The river offers a variety of environments, from fast-flowing stretches to deeper pools, providing ideal conditions for pike.
  • Llangorse Lake, Powys, Wales: As the largest natural lake in South Wales, Llangorse Lake is a popular destination for pike fishing. The lake’s reed beds and shallow areas provide excellent habitats for pike, and the surrounding Brecon Beacons National Park offers stunning natural beauty.
  • The River Severn, England/Wales Border: The River Severn, the longest river in the UK, offers diverse pike fishing opportunities along its course. It flows through several counties, providing a variety of environments for pike, from deeper, slower sections to more turbulent stretches. The river’s extensive length and varied habitats make it a popular choice for anglers seeking both quantity and quality of pike.
  • Blagdon Lake, Somerset, England: Located in the West, Blagdon Lake is another excellent destination for pike fishing. Although it’s more famous for its trout fishing, the lake also holds a good head of pike, some of which reach impressive sizes. The lake’s clear waters and abundant forage fish provide an ideal environment for pike, and its picturesque setting in the Mendip Hills adds to the overall fishing experience.

These locations in the West of the UK provide a range of pike fishing experiences, from the tranquil Welsh lakes to the historic River Wye. Each location offers its own unique set of challenges and rewards, making them attractive destinations for both novice and experienced pike anglers.

To Conclude

Pike fishing in the UK is a diverse and enriching experience, offering something for every angler. From the tranquil waters of Llyn Tegid in Wales to the historic flow of the River Thames, these destinations not only promise the thrill of the catch but also a deep connection with nature. The sport, while exhilarating, also calls for responsible practices, emphasizing the importance of sustainable fishing and environmental stewardship.

This exploration of pike fishing across various UK regions highlights the sport’s appeal: the blend of challenge, adventure, and the joy of being in nature. Whether you’re seeking a trophy pike or a peaceful day by the water, pike fishing in the UK is a testament to the beauty and richness of the country’s aquatic landscapes. It’s an activity that goes beyond the catch, offering lessons in nature conservation and the joy of the outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year for pike fishing in the UK?

Pike fishing can be successful year-round, but the peak seasons are usually autumn and early winter. During this time, pike are actively feeding to prepare for the colder months. Spring, just after the spawning season, is also a good time as pike are hungry and more aggressive.

Do I need a special license for pike fishing in the UK?

Yes, you need a valid fishing license to fish for pike in the UK. These licenses are available from the Environment Agency or local fishing authorities. Always check local regulations as they can vary by region.

Can I keep the pike I catch in the UK?

This depends on the specific regulations of the area you are fishing in. In general though the answer is no. Many locations encourage catch and release, especially for larger pike, to maintain healthy fish populations. Always check local rules and practice ethical fishing.

What are some tips for handling pike safely?

Pike have sharp teeth and should be handled with care. Use a net to land them, wet your hands before handling, and use tools like pliers to remove hooks. Support the pike’s body when handling and minimise the time it spends out of water to ensure its well-being upon release.

What is the best method for catching pike?

The best method can vary depending on the location and conditions. Lure fishing, using spoons, spinners, or artificial swimbaits, is popular and effective, especially for active fishing. Dead baiting with fish like herring or mackerel can be very effective, particularly in colder months. For beginners, float fishing with live or dead bait can be a simpler and equally effective method. It’s always beneficial to adapt your technique to the specific conditions of the fishing spot.

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