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    The Esthwaite Estate

    Known as one of the best pike and Trout fisheries in England, Esthwaite Fishery is located in the heart of the Lake District. Its no little water at 280 acres of glacial lake in size, its perfect for boat or bank fishing. 

    The staff at Esthwaite are very knowledgeable and equally as helpful, pointing you in the right direction for that fish of a life time.As well as trout up to 16lb, the Pike grow to a known whopping 46lb, so you really are in with a chance of your personal best!

    Early season is the best time to get your lures in the water, dead bait is the other favoured tactic.


    A good lake for pike fishing in the summer.

    The Facilities At Esthwaite

    At Esthwaite Fishery they accommodate for the disabled fisherman/woman, with disabled parking, boats, and disabled toilets. They also boast a well stocked onsite tackle shop and onsite cafe. Fishing tuition is also available for an extra cost. At Esthwaite you can take your own boat as well as hiring one of their own.

    The Rules at Esthwaite

    1.  All fisherman to have environment agency license.

    2. Trout fishing between sunrise an sunset.

    3. Everyone to use barbless hooks.

    4. People fishing the banks don’t damage fences, walls, buildings etc.

    5. One rod at a time for trout fishing.

    6. Trout spinners no bigger than 5cm long.

    7. No piking between 1st April and 30th September.

    8. Sorry no dogs allowed.


    For a full list of rules an regulations and prices at Esthwaite please go to:


    Chew Valley Lake

    Chew Valley is renowned for holding some real big old ladies, the current record Pike standing at an impressive 44lb 6oz, it may only be a matter of time before the British record gets caught here. The previous record stood at 40lb 8oz caught whilst fly fishing, the Trout are equally as impressive with the brownies reaching 22lb 7oz, and the rainbow coming in at 14lb 9oz.

    Chew Valley is a prime place for fly fishing for the Pike. With plenty of features and varying depths from between 14ft in the shallows up to 37ft in the deepest parts, you have a very good chance of plopping that fly within striking distance of that eluded whopper. You can fly fish for pike here all through the trout season, but dead bait and lure fishing is restricted to 41 days-a-year.

    Chew Valley Pike Lake

    The Facilities At Chew

    Chew Valley has got a good well stocked tackle shop called Woodford Lodge. Catering for all types of fresh water fishing. The shop staff are experienced anglers who are more than happy to share their expertise and local knowledge with you. Chew Valley also cater for the disabled anglers providing disabled access and a wheeled-boat that you can get a wheelchair into. There is also onsite disabled toilets.

    Bury Hill Fisheries

    Bury Hill is situated in Dorking Surrey. Bury Hill has been popular since the 1960’s for catching a variety of good quality fish including big Pike and double figure Zander.

     The complex is nearly twenty acres in size and consists of  four lakes including Old bury hill lake, which holds some good double figure Zander to 16lb and Pike up to 30lb have been known to come out of there. 

    Old Bury Hill lake is twelve acres in size and has seventy five fishable pegs, and lined with reed beds and lily pads it truly makes it a naturally beautiful venue to fish. Most fishing is done from the bank but little boats are available to reach those hard to get places.


    Bury Hill Fisheries

    The Facilities At Bury Hill

    Bury Hill has a fine array of facilities. They have both ladies and gents toilets which are more than adequate for the disabled anglers among us, and kept nice and clean. All the lakes including Old Bury Hill lake are disabled friendly with platforms which you can get a wheelchair on, and nice big swims in case you need that helping hand with you. If you ring up before hand you can book a swim that’s nice and close to the car park and easy to get to.

    There’s a nice cafe waiting for you if the fish aren’t biting with a nice view across the lake. Onsite also, is a well stocked tackle shop supplying everything you need for that perfect days fishing. For more information on Bury Hill and a  full list of rules and prices please visit their website .  http://www.buryhillfisheries.co.uk/fishery/

    UK Trout Fisheries

    Ringstead Grange Trout fishery is situated near Kettering Northamptonshire, if boat fishing, it is advisable to book in advance. At Ringstead they stock the lake on a weekly basis, and there is camping facilities nearby. Click the link to check out full rules and regulations.

    Avington Trout fishery consists of three lakes and a stretch of the river Itchen. In the river stretch you will find wild Brown Trout as well as Grayling, the lakes themselves hold impressive Rainbows up to 20lb+ . There is a well stocked on site tackle shop, and cafe which is also fully licensed. You can find Avington Trout fishery in Winchester Hampshire.

    Rockbourne Trout fishery is in the New Forest on the out skirts of the village Rockbourne. It has six well maintained lakes totalling fifty five acres in size. The lakes are well stocked with Rainbows, Brownies, Sandy Blue and Liliac Trout. The lakes record currentley stands at 19lb.

    Where to Catch Zander

    Frisby lakes are made up of a 36 acre gravel pit and a 16 acre gravel pit. It also boasts a well stocked on site tackle shop. The average stamp of Zander in the main lake is between 6lb and 12lb, with the biggest so far being 14lb 3oz. Frisby lakes are situated nr Melton Mowbray Leicestershire.

    Bury hill fishery is situated in Dorking surrey. It consists of four lakes totalling twenty acres in size. The Zander in the Old lake go up to over 16lb in size, which is truly a magnificent Fish to get on to the bank. For more information please click on the link.




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