The Ondex, a trusted lure.

Flies for a very long time have been effective in fooling large trout. But the unique way at which the ondex spinners work is quite astonishing. It can persuade lackadaisical fish to bite, and consequently catch the fish.

The Ondex  is a slow moving lure and it is used with an excellent catch rate in slow and still water to catch fish. In fact, it has also been noted for its effectiveness in shallow fishing waters. The Ondex is also excellent for catching many types of fish. Such as Pike, Perch, Chub, Trout, Salmon, etc etc.

The Ondex which was the first unweighted spinner in Europe was developed by Nelis Bird in 1953. It is very suitable for catching many types of fish all over the globe and has near unbeatable power when catching fish.

A nice Ondex spinner

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It comes in several sizes.

As a result of it’s good design shape, it can be used very slowly under shallow water in a very irresistible way for the predators. It is available in different sizes; 2,3,4,5 and 6

Many believe that ondex spinners are ineffective during the summer months. But in reality, they provide steady action coupled with the great shot when enticing the big ones out of their holes.

Try the Ondex when fishing for Trout.

Even fly fishermen are converted on the odd occasion. Sometimes the use of flies gets problematic. So the best bet is to make a quick switch to an Ondex spinner. By doing so, you are assured of immediate results because the spinner will not only fool the Rainbows, but it is also very big at deceiving other species of trout like Brookies, Cutthroat, etc.

Ondex spinners are also very effective in catching fish when they are high in the water. The beautifully-designed striped pattern that looks ‘Perchy’ on some of them can be deadly at catching both bigger perch and jack pike. 

The Ondex retrievel technique.

There are numbers of factors that determine the retrieve you are going to use when adopting the use of the Ondex spinner. Factors like water depth, water flow, and the weather conditions outside.

The use of upstream and across cast is highly recommended when fishing in larger streams flowing heavy as a result of rain. You need to place the Ondex spinner ahead of your target to sink into the strike spot.

Vary your retrieve for best results.

Immediately when it has dropped down to the appropriate depth, let it drift along with the current into a quicker water. Once it gets to the tail of the pool, then a fast not very fast and steady retrieve upstream should be adopted.

Fish will follow the Ondex spinner during this drift and of course strike on the upstream retrieve very close to  structures like rocks. However, the thickness and shape of the blade do have the impact on its action.

The broad blade is very suitable for still waters and slow streams. But it will always rise to the surface while the thin blades do have less resistance and as a result, can be used in fast water.

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