Nice Pike caught on one of the frog lures.

Nice Pike caught on Tsunami Frog.

‘Lure of the month’ is a monthly article where one of our dedicated expert predator fishermen/women will pick one of their favourite lures to use, and do a detailed write up on it. Hopefully giving you an insight into some of the top makes of lures that are available on the market at the moment. I hope you find them interesting and helpful. This month it will be Tsunami frog lures.

 Cheap can be cheerful with frog lures.

I’m a firm believer that the best fishing lures are not necessarily the most expensive fishing lures. Cheap fishing lures can be equally effective and this month’s ‘lure of the month’ fights the corner of quality and not costing the earth.

The lure I’m talking about is from Tsunami Pro and is a soft plastic scented frog lure(smells like liquorice to me). I stumbled across these at £4.99 a pack of five. They measure 4″ and are buoyant. They have a nice wide body that produces an excellent silhouette in the water. Which I believe is one of the things that make this frog a catcher!

Great for rigging up weedless.

Unlike many frog lures this has two rear legs that are essentially a twin curly tail rather than two paddles. This provides deadly action when rigged weedless and retrieved across the surface creating a nice swirling wake behind it. The legs create a great flutter on the drop if rigged with a jig head to fish sub surface which is my favourite choice for this lure. I’ve found that steady retrieves mixed with pauses and small pulls is irresistible to Pike, saving me from many blanks and also catching me some memorable fish.

Tsunami are good value for money.

For under £1 each these frogs are a bargain and even though the legs look quite thin they stand up well to a fair few Pike attacks. And believe me you’ll get them. My colour of choice is the Pearl with black spots just because I have faith in white lures and I have lots of faith in this lure.

So when the warm weather is coming, get yourself some frogs. Get yourself some Tsunami pro frog lures. A truly versatile lure that can be fished top water or sub water. Weedless or not and they will not break the bank ……



kenprep · May 31, 2017 at 1:00 pm

I just read your post on the tsunami pro frog. Most frog lures I have seen are strictly top water. What type of jig head and size do you recommend and how do you rig the frog onto the jig head?
Sounds like a great lure for bass as well.


Mark Perkins · June 5, 2017 at 4:19 am

Thank you for this information and review on the Tsunami Pro lure.
I was interested that you used it for Pike, I know trout like mice, do you think it would also work for trout?
I was watching a gentleman using a colourful lure for saltwater fish off a wharf today, Do you think it would work in saltwater and what fish would you target with it?

Any chance of seeing a picture of it?

Thank you

    Stuart Bowler · June 5, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Hi Mark, thanks for your comment, Pike are very partial to a fake Frog, especially at this time of year when the frogs are active, I will put a photo up of it very shortly.

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