If you are a bit forgetful like me, then this lure fishing checklist could come in handy. When going on any type of fishing adventure, whether it be for a week or just a few hours the last thing you want to do is forget a vital piece of kit which could mess your whole day up. We all know how excited we can get whilst packing the car, and how easy it is for important things to escape your mind. Especially if it’s very early morning and you are not 100% awake and alert.

I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the most important items to take on a lure fishing trip, obviously everyone’s different, but this is my bare essentials, If anyone wants to add to this list please comment in the ‘comments’ section below.

  1. YOUR ROD. You wouldn’t believe how many people have forgotten their rod, DO NOT FORGET YOUR ROD. I’ve even done it myself!! 
  2. YOUR REEL. Again, believe it or not, it is possible to forget this vital piece of equipment as well. This is just as important as your rod, do not forget it.
  3. SELECTION OF LURES. Personally, I wouldn’t take a huge amount, because its too tempting to keep changing them, take a good handful, and spend some time with each one. This way you learn how the lures work.
  4. WIRE TRACES. Always take some wire traces with you. you don’t want the line being bit through. All preds such as pike and zander are more than capable of biting through your line. A trace is a must!                                                                     
  5. LANDING NET.  Carry a landing net with you, it’s just another good way of risking losing the fish if you don’t take one. We strongly advise the rubberised type. They are kind to the fish and ever so easy to get a tangled treble out of.
  6. UNHOOKING MAT. Don’t damage the fish on rough ground. Probably the most controversial topic on social media. If you do forget your unhooking mat, be sure to use soft grass or something similar. This way it will minimalise the damage to the fish.
  7. UNHOOKING UTENSILS. You will need side cutters just in case of any deep hooking, forceps to dislodge any hooks, a pair of long nose pliers, and a good pair of small sharp scissors. All these will aid you in the unhooking of any fish you may encounter. 
  8. ROD LICENSE. The last thing you want to happen when the fish are biting is to get moved on or fined, so don’t forget to take it with you. Keep it with you at all times.
  9. FISHING LICENSE. For the same reasons as above, make sure you have your license on you or cash to buy a day ticket. If it is a club water, be sure to check their rules on permits. Some clubs you can pay on the bank, others don’t allow it.
  10. APPROPRIATE CLOTHING. It is very uncomfortable fishing if you are too cold or too hot, it is always worth wearing layers so you can either take them off or add to them. Be prepared for all types of weather out there.
  11. POLARISED SUNGLASSES. A must for spotting where the fish are in bright conditions. When the suns glare is stopping you from seeing below the surface, polarised glasses are a must.                                                                                   
  12. A HAT. To protect you from the sun in the warmer months, and to keep you warm in the colder months. A nice cap in the summer, and a good wooly hat in the winter.
  13. FOOD AND DRINK. Nothing worse than fishing on an empty stomach. I seem to eat loads when Im fishing. It is very easy to forget your packed lunch that is sitting in your fridge at home. A| good flask of hot drink never goes a miss in the winter months either.
  14. MOBILE PHONE. Always worth carrying it with you in case of an emergency and also photographing your catch, and of course in case the other half rings you. Maybe the later isn’t that important.
  15. TOILET ROLL. For obvious reasons ;0) don’t get caught out.
  16. SET OF SCALES. Well, you want to boast about how big the whopper was. If you have no scales with you, expect a hammering on social media when you ask ‘ how big do you think this is).

To Conclude

Most of us are passionate about what we do and get a bit excited when it’s time to go fishing. This is the time we think you are most likely to forget things. I have this lure fishing checklist printed out and stuck to my fridge door. Ever since I have done this I haven’t forgot any of my stuff for the day ahead. Good luck on your quests and tight lines. Ps if you’re a beginner at lure fishing then it may be worth checking this post out on lure fishing tips.



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