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If you live in the UK or Wales, does it matter if you lose your fishing rod license? The quick answer to that is YES it does matter if you have found you have lost your fishing rod license.

Even though most Anglers don’t tend to bump into EA (Environment Agency) representatives, there is always the chance of getting caught and landing a hefty fine.

Apart from this Anglers should respect the rules and regulations of all the venues they fish at. This includes having a valid rod license upon them at all times to show upon request.

So let’s take a look at what happens if you lose your fishing license and the reasons why you should buy one in the first place.

What if I Have Lost my Fishing Rod License?

None of us are perfect, we all lose things from time to time. After all, a rod license isn’t exactly a big bulky item. It can very easily be miss placed. I tend to keep mine in my tackle box at all times so it is always with me. But if I was to lose it what could I do about it?

Well, do not fear there is help out there. If you ring 03708 506 506 and explain your situation they will send you a replacement that should reach you in a few days from the phone call. The only catch is you will have to pay £5 for the privilege.

This isn’t bad really when you take into account the admin and postage and packaging involved.
So my advice would be to keep the license in a safe place such as a tackle box which is always with you when you’re out on the bank.

How do I Buy a Fishing Rod License?

There are a few ways of buying a rod license, all of which are relatively easy and straightforward to do. 

If you are not big on technology you can do it the old-fashioned way by walking into your local post office branch. Take a bit of ID with you and purchase one straight over the counter. Alternatively, you could get on the internet and go to or ring the Environment Agency fishing license service on 0344 800 5386.

How Long Does a Rod License Last?

A lot of anglers starting up fishing can be forgiven for thinking the license starts in June and ends in March. This is because the fishing season starts in June and finishes in March.

In fact, the rod license starts on the day you purchase it and lasts exactly one year. Which in my eyes makes it a lot fairer to the Angler.

How Much is a Fishing Rod License?

There are several options open to you here and it depends on several different things. Where you are fishing, what fish you are going for, and how long you want the rod license to last. You can choose between 1 day, 8 days, and a 12-month license. 

It is worth noting under 13’s do not need a license of any kind. 13 to 16-year-olds are classed as juniors and don’t have to pay for their licenses but they still need to obtain one that is free of charge. Whilst carp fishing if you are using a spod rod or marker rod you do not have to pay to use them.

If you are fishing in Northern Ireland or Scotland the rules on rod licenses are different from the UK and Wales. You can check out the rules here. 

Below is a list of prices that you will need for fishing inland in the UK and Wales.

  • 1 day trout and course £6
  • 1 Day Salmon and Sea Trout £12
  • 8 Day Trout and Course 2 Rod £12
  • 8 Day Salmon and Sea Trout £27
  • 12 Month Trout and Course 2 Rod £30
  • 12 Month Trout and Course 3 Rod £45
  • 12 Month Salmon and Trout £82
  • 12 Month Over 65 or Disabled£ 20

    Trout and Course 2 Rod

  • 12 Month Over 65 or Disabled £30

         Trout and Course 3 Rod

  • 12 Month Over 65 or Disabled £54

    Salmon and Sea Trout

Do I Need a Rod License on Private Lakes?

A lot of Anglers tend to believe that you only need a fishing rod license on rivers and canals in the UK. This isn’t true. Whether you are fishing private commercials, reservoirs, canals, streams, rivers, or canals the same rules apply. The only place, you can still fish for free and do not need a rod license is in the sea.

The fine if you do get caught can be anything up to £2500. So is it really worth taking the risk? The police are even getting involved with some of the patrols now, so personally, I don’t think it is worth taking the chance.


If you are unfortunate enough to of lost your fishing license, as I explained it is fairly easy to purchase a new one. Hopefully, this post has explained all that you need to know about having a rod license. If you want to stick to the rules and be a responsible Angler make sure you don’t go fishing without it. Tight lines people.

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