When it comes to fishing baits, sweetcorn really is hard to beat. Both the colour and the sweetness of the corn make it hard for most fish to resist. But how do we get sweetcorn to stay on a hook? In this article, I will show you how this is done. As well as some useful tips on how to use this awesome fishing bait.

Is Sweetcorn Good for Fishing?

100%, sweetcorn is very good for fishing. It is readily available in all supermarkets and is extremely cheap to buy. This has made it a popular fishing bait amongst anglers for many years. Not only do the small fish such as roach, rudd, and dace love corn, but the bigger fish like chub, bream, carp, and tench are also very partial to it.

Sweetcorn can be used both as a loose bait and on the hook, making it an excellent versatile bait to use. Nowadays most local tackle dealers will also sell flavoured corn such as strawberry flavour. This can certainly give you the edge on some days when the fishing is hard going and other baits are failing.

Another bonus of using sweetcorn as a hook bait is that it stays on the hook well even when casting at a fair distance. Hooking the corn itself is quite a simple affair as shown in the steps below.

An angler casting out some sweetcorn
Sweetcorn stays on the hook even when cast out a long-distance

How to Hook Sweetcorn for Fishing

By following the steps below, your sweetcorn will stand a lot better chance of staying on the hook.

parts of a hook
Know Your Fishing Hook

Step 1

Firstly you will want to pick the right-sized piece of sweetcorn for the hook that you are using. A size 16 or 14 wide gape hook is usually what I would use for a single grain of corn and a size 12 for double corn. The piece of corn wants to be roughly the same height as the hook so most of the shank will be hidden inside the bait.

Step 2

Take your hook and pierce the point through the rounded end of the sweetcorn. This is the firmest part of the corn and will help to keep your hook from falling away from the corn. This is especially important if you are casting a good distance.

Step 3

Next, thread the sweetcorn as far up the hook as it will go. It will basically go as far as the bend of the hook and then stop. When it gets to this stage you will then be ready to pierce the side of the corn with the point of the hook.

Step 4

If your sweetcorn is the right size the hook should come through the side of the corn down near the flat end. Now it’s just a case of threading the corn around the bend of the hook and up the shank, so all that should be showing is the point of the hook and the eye. Now you are ready to cast and catch plenty of fish.

What Hooks are Good for Sweetcorn?

As I mentioned earlier when you are choosing a hook for sweetcorn, a wide gape hook is a good choice. This will ensure the corn will sit properly and the point of the hook will be perfectly exposed. It is important to have the point of the hook fully exposed. This will help improve your hook-up rate when striking into any fish.

A lot of fisheries insist on using barbless hooks. Barbless hooks are not a problem when using sweetcorn as bait. In fact, I prefer to use them anyway. Unlike baits such as worms and maggots that can wriggle off, sweetcorn will stay on a barbless hook with no problems.

My personal choice for hooks is nearly always Drennan. These hooks are always reliable, strong, and have super sharp points to them. Nearly all your local tackle dealers will stock Drennan hooks so they are easy to get hold of. Amazon is another place where you could purchase them as well.

As I mentioned earlier I personally use a size 16 or 14 for single corn on the hook. This is usually when I am targeting smaller fish such as roach and rudd. If I was going for fish such as tench, bream, carp, or chub I tend to use size 10 or 12 hooks for double corn.

If you are feeder fishing or legering then it may be worth purchasing some ready-made hair rigs. With these rigs, it is possible to put multiple pieces of sweetcorn on your line without affecting the presentation of the hook. Perfect for fishing on commercial fisheries for fish such as carp and tench.

Tips for Fishing With Sweetcorn

When it comes to buying your sweetcorn it is well worth buying it frozen in bulk. Most supermarkets sell frozen sweetcorn and it always ends up a lot cheaper than buying it in cans.

If you are using groundbait it is a good idea to add sweetcorn to your mix. It really does make a good loose feed. Be sure to add all the juice as well if you are using tinned corn. The sweetness of the juice makes an excellent attractant.

Never buy cheap hooks when using corn as bait, or any other bait for that matter. Cheap hooks are prone to rust, straighten out, and go blunt quickly. Always use well-known brands such as Drennan and Kamasan.

If you are using barbless hooks with a worm or maggot, there is always a chance it may wriggle off. This is when it is worth hooking a piece of corn on between the worm/maggot and the point of the hook. This will stop them from wriggling off.

To Conclude

Once you have sussed out how to hook sweetcorn, it will certainly enhance your chance of catching fish with it. Hooking it securely will help you to cast to those spots that are a bit of a distance from you. It will also ensure that the point of your hook is showing which will increase your hookup rate.

By following the steps above, and fishing the right venues, sweetcorn can be a truly awesome bait to use. So why not get yourself some wide-gape hooks, and a tin of sweetcorn and get out there and catch some monsters.

Check out the video below for more tips on fishing with corn.

Tight lines and enjoy your fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rig sweetcorn for carp?

This really depends on how you are fishing for them. If you are float fishing for the carp then you will want to just hook the corn straight onto the hook. If you are legering or feeder fishing for them, then a hair rig would be the better option.

Are there special hooks for sweetcorn?

Yes, there is such a thing. Brands such as Drennan make hooks specially designed for sweetcorn. To be honest the main difference to these hooks is that they have a wide gape for better presentation.

What’s the best way to make sweetcorn float?

The best way to achieve this is to buy buoyant floating corn. This can come in handy if you are fishing a weedy venue and you want to pop your bait up just off the bottom. It looks just like the real thing.

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