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Float Fishing At Night

Float fishing is by far one of the most popular ways of fishing. But is it really worth float fishing at night?

Float fishing has always been a technique favoured by anglers ever since fishing began. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is bait presentation. Presentation is vital whilst fishing, especially if the targeted fish are being a bit wary and shy about biting.

On heavily fished venues such as commercial fisheries, the fish can start getting a bit clued up on the way baits are presented. Strictly speaking, you really want to get your bait looking as natural as you can in the water. Float fishing can be one of the best techniques for achieving this.

Most of us anglers have had a go at float fishing during the day, but is it really worth all the hassle of float fishing at night. Can fish even see in the dark? Well depending on what fish you are after I would say YES it is worth night fishing with a trusty float. There really is something magical about sitting out on a cool calm summers night watching a starlite attached to your float slowly start dipping under the water’s surface.

What Can I Catch Night Fishing?

It is pretty common knowledge that a lot of fish are noticeably more active around the hours of dawn and dusk. So why not after dark? The first few hours after dark can be prolific when it comes to angling for all species of fish, especially predators using the low light to their advantage to ambush their prey.

This can be an awesome time to be targeting fish such as pike, perch, and zander.

As the night draws on the smaller silverfish tend to drop off, the predators have had their feed, and fish such as carp bream and tench start to go on the feed. This can prove a perfect time to target these fish on the float.

Where Should I Float Fish At Night?

There is no set rule for this, you can literally go float fishing at night on all types of venues as long as it is permitted.

Rivers, canals, lakes, and reservoirs all generally hold fish that will be feeding at night and are worth a look.

Just be sure to get permission from the club that runs the venue as some places will not allow you to night fish on them.

What Tackle Is Needed For Float Fishing At Night?

Night fishing is no different to day fishing regarding the tackle you are using for the fish you are targeting. Having said that there are a few additional things you may need to take with you that you won’t want to forget.

A Torch: A torch is a must if you are going night fishing for obvious reasons. It is well worth investing in a head torch as well if possible. It is so much easier whilst unhooking fish sorting out tangles etc if you can use both hands.

Starlites: Starlites are small plastic tubes that you crack to release a small chemical reaction. This causes the Starlite to glow up in the dark. You then attach the Starlite to the top of the float via an oversized float rubber. Without these in place, you will not be able to see your float whilst fishing in the dark. Always take more than one with you in case you get snapped up or lose one.

Warm Clothing: It goes without saying once the sun goes in it tends to get considerably colder near the water’s edge. If you are braving it and sitting under the stars all night be well prepared for it to chill right down. Finger-less gloves and a hat are certainly a good idea.

A Brolly/Brolly Wrap. A brolly to sit under is definitely worth considering when night fishing. An even better option in my opinion would be a brolly with built-in sides or a brolly wrap. This tends to keep the chilly winds off you and keep the morning dew at bay.

Float Fishing At Night Or Ledgering?

Really this is generally just a personal preference. If you are fishing at a great distance though then ledgering may have to be the way forward. A float will only be cast so far.

Where ever possible I like to be sat there watching a float. Generally, I prefer to fish the margins so I have no reason to try and do any big casting, so the extra weight isn’t needed.

Why Bother Night Fishing?

In general, certain fish such as carp, bream, tench, and catfish are a lot more active during the night. This is especially true in the summer months when the fish tend to switch off feeding due to the warmer temperatures.

At night when it cools down the fish tend to be more active and confident in feeding. Fish such as bream can be feeding in very large numbers during the darker hours.

To Conclude

Float fishing really is a very enjoyable way of catching many types of fish. Whether it is during the daylight hours or during the night. So is float fishing at night worth doing? Absolutely! Just be safe whilst doing so and don’t forget your torch.

Tight Lines and enjoy your fishing.

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