This post is dedicated to your fishing lure reviews. Every year more lures of all shapes and sizes hit the shelves. To maybe help you decide which one to go for every now and then I will gather a few reviews together and post them on here. Below is a list of a few Anglers favourites.


The korum snapper drone (goldfish pattern) is my favourite lure due to the success i have had with it on a very hard venue. It comes in three sizes, 8cm, 10cm, and 12cm. I use the 12cm version which is pictured here. It has very good detail on it around the face area and all the scales and the tail movement is bright orange colour. The white flash on the tail has proven very attractive to Pike, and it is bright enough for them to see in the coloured water.

It’s a good durable lure.

It is fairly durable and can withstand pike after Pike after Pike before it tears. The hooks that come with it are more than strong enough for the job. It weighs 45g so it can be cast a fairly long way and accurately to get to those spots where lighter lures just will not reach. However, due to this, it cannot be fished in shallow weedy water which in my opinion is the only downside to it.

The Snapper drone seems to catch when other lures fail.

The venue that I use it for most is very difficult. After years of fishing with all the old faithfuls such as Ondex spinners and Big S plugs and only catching the odd fish here and there, this lure seems to pull the fish out and get them in the net! And at around 8 pounds a pack it doesn’t break the bank as bad as some other lures such as Savage gear……DAVID NAYLOR.

An image of some fishing lures.
A Korum Snapper Drone.

                                           The Godfather.

Godfather Jerkbait weighs 37 grams and has a beautiful slippery action. It casts like a bullet and makes a tonne of noise, perfect for a medium setup.

What I do  (really slowly) is twitch the rod down, then one rotation of the reel then twitch, then one wind etc, it gets it switching side to side really dramatically. I love it because it spends a  lot of time in the water as its a slow retrieve.

                                            The Fatboy.

I like the Fatboy in white. I like the fact the hook can be pushed into it and it fishes weedless. You can chuck it anywhere because it’s a good weight.

It grubs along the bottom, tail flapping and hitting the bottom which kicks up sediment. I Have caught plenty of Pike, Perch, and Chub…………….. Courtesy of Adam Chumbley.


                                        LIXADA JOINTED ROACH.

These lures have to be my favourite, A Roach pattern one I have is best, I have only used it three times and caught more than twenty pike on it.

The lure itself is great value for money, and one of the best lures made. The Pike up my way love these…..ROBBIE WILSON.

A lixada lure.
A Lixada lure, Click to view.


                                                     THE XL MINNOW.

An image of three xl Minnow lures.
The XL Minnow lures.

Type: floating crankbait – shallow-medium diver 60mm 9 grams.

Price: £6.99 posted.

Good quality lures at a good price.

In a world dominated by large companies with huge budgets selling mass-produced plastic lures at overly inflated prices, you might find yourself looking for something a little different, something you can have your own twist put on. This is where Mark Houghton comes into play.

I’m a huge fan of crankbaits and have found many of the shop bought ones either lack quality action in the water or low-quality paint that comes off after a few pike. Or the hardware just isn’t up to scratch and needs altering before they perform to my required standard. I came across Marks work by chance on Facebook one day and decided to order some lures from him (MH Custom Lures)

The xl Minnow works well whatever the retrieve.

Out of the different lures, I ordered the Xl minnow really started to shine over any crank I’d used from other companies. The tight body roll and tail action is held whether retrieved very slowly or cranked really fast to gain depth. And at around 60mm and 9grams they can be thrown on quite a range of rods without issue.

Don’t underestimate balsa made lures.

People may turn their noses up at lures made from balsa which this particular one is. But Mark has spent a long time using different epoxy finishes to ensure a hard and lasting lure. And I can assure you these will last you a long time. It is available in pretty much any colour or finish you can think of.The bonus of a custom lure maker over mass-produced lure. But my favourite is the chrome/black finish and it has truly been a prolific catcher for me. From double figure Pike to the smallest Chub and Perch you’ll ever see.

Try out the xl Minnow for yourself.

You may be thinking this is a small lure and it will only catch small fish but really it is an all-round performer as you will see by the photos. I never go fishing without a selection of the XL minnow and you’ll see for yourself why.

So be different, go for some handmade English lures and you will see why Marks lures catch fish on every continent in the world. Just be warned you may keep buying more and more…..TIM ENOCK.


                         THE REALISTIC GUDGEON SHAD.

So let me start by saying I’ve fished nearly all my life whether it be for brown trout in the local brook, chub in the local river, pike in the local estate lake, carp in the local puddle and Zander in the local canal system!! But more recently I’ve immersed myself in the art of soft lure fishing.

Feel comfortable with your lures.

It’s the ease of throwing a rod, net and small bag in the car and being ready to fish at the drop of a hat, I’ve fished for as little as 20mins to get my fix! Now I have loads of soft lures and I absolutely love change, I love trying something different at any opportunity, I never eat the same meal twice at the local restaurant until I’ve tried everything.

I’m the same with my lures swapping and changing, always afraid I’m using the wrong one for conditions etc. Recently something changed, I found a lure that I feel 110% confident with. A lure that gives me options and reacts differently when it comes to rigs and a lure that I feel I connect with and one that I can work effectively.

My go-to lure is the Realistic Gudgeon Shad.

The realistic shads Gudgeon 7cm lure is my current go-to lure without fail, if I had to choose one lure for life it would be this lure. The lure is super soft which is important to me as I believe the fish hold onto it that split second longer allowing me to set the hook firmly.

It is also important as my current go to rig is to fish it weedless style on a 2-4g Cheb head with a size 2 offset worm hook as the local canal can be quite leafy and have lots of debris on the bottom. The action of the lure is hugely influenced by the weight, if the waters cooler and I feel the fish are a little more sluggish I’ll cast and retrieve super slowly with small twitches. This tames the action and I feel better represents the action of baitfish in cold water.

The lures shape and design allows complete control.

A collection of realistic shads.
A collection of Realistic shads.

The action of the lure especially on the drop with a lighter weight is very subdued and I’ll sometimes even rig it on its side to imitate a dying baitfish. In warmer water or when I think the fish are more certain in their takes, I’ll ramp up the weight to 4g to speed up the action on the drop which can sometimes make all the difference. Now, this lure works equally as good on a std Cheb rig or a jig head, again though it’s shape and design allows me to have full control all the time which has, without doubt, resulted in me landing a lot more fish!

I have total confidence with this lure.

Colour wise I personally love any of the yellow or green bellied versions as they always produce for me. I fish every day for 50 mins without fail through my lunch on the local canal. And this year since I’ve been using the Gudgeon I have only blanked twice in around 30 sessions. And that’s been when the canal has been almost totally frozen. I’m so confident it will produce I rig my rods up in the evening, one with my weedless Cheb rig and one with a std jig head to allow me maximum fishing time…David Warren (The lunchtime Angler).



If I could choose one lure that has caught me many pike it would have to be the Fox Spikey shad, it’s a paddle tail shad that comes in many different types of colours/designs including my favourite design (lemon tiger) which I use when the water is clear but not gin clear.

Always worth trying different methods.

A Fox Spikey shad lure.
The Fox Spikey shad.

I fish it close up to boats and any other features that look fishy and one day I tried something different, I cast it into the basin and let it sink down to the bottom and started jigging it up and down, and when it comes close in I saw some roach fry jump out of the water and a pike had swallowed my lure and I banked an 8lb pike I was well chuffed.
My other favourite Spikey shad is called (hot tiger) which I use for casting into basins locks and just trolling and jigging in the margins.

Try different size jig heads.

The 9cm Spikey shads don’t swim as much so you just let them sink in the water then jig them up in the water and the tail will waggle giving of vibrations to predators saying there is a fish in distress.
A three pack of ready-made spikey shads already with the jigs in them are about £5.99 but when you buy them separately they are about £1.00 each and the jig heads are about £1.50-£2.00 each.
How it casts depends on the weight of the jig head and the size of the lure, for example, I use the 9cm spikey shad with a 10-gram jig head, I can cast that quite easily….. Will Punnett

Have you got a favourite pike lure, Bass lure, Perch lure, Vintage fishing lures? Email me at and share it with our fishing community.


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