A nice Daiwa lure.
The spin tail shad.

Daiwa lures are always worth a look.

Daiwa lures might not be the first name you think of when buying new lures. But with some of their recent products, they’re well worth a look. I’ve had excellent results on their duck fin shad soft baits so was hopeful for the spin tail shads effectiveness.

The spinner blade is a nice touch.

The Spin Tail Shad itself is a pre-rigged shad with a single hook out the top and a treble hung underneath. Which is a standard set up seen on most pre-rigged shads but what sets the spin tail apart from most is the spinner blade tail.The body on these particular Daiwa lures feels strong enough to take a few pike attacks but not flexible enough to allow maximum action from the lure.

It looks and feels quality.

I went for the bleak pattern and the finish and quality of the lure is excellent with detail surely only noticed by the angler. Thus giving it a real life like look in the water. The only complaint upon opening and handling the lure would be that the hooks could have been sharper. That aside it looks and feels like a high-quality product…Would we expect anything different from Daiwa?   The lure casts like a rocket being 40 grams, it does have a bit of beef to really fire it out. But on the flip side, it also sinks incredibly fast so I would recommend getting the smaller version for shallow or snaggy venues. I found that with a straight retrieve there wasn’t a lot of body movement from the lure but plenty of flash from the spinner tail. Which without a doubt will entice the hungry predator. Trying out a few retrieves I found that slowly jigging it back in gave it a great action. Paired with the spinner tail that really goes into action on the drop, combined with a nice body roll.

The Spintail shad is worth having in your box.

But what we really want to know is does it catch fish?? Well, the answer is almost. I lost a pike right at the bank of a frozen lake within a few minutes of using the lure. Unfortunately, that was the only action on that venue so I’ve high hopes for the spin tail shad. With its attractive spinning tail and its ability to be retrieved using various methods, this is definitely a lure worth having in your box! Tim.


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