Cheap Fishing lures or not?

Do people prefer to buy cheap fishing lures or spend a few quid and get decent fishing lures, there is plenty of bargains out there but do you get what you pay for? I find that some of the cheap Fishing lures that are available over the internet are actually quite good quality, though a lot of the time the hooks are very weak and need changing for decent ones. A prime example of a good cheap lure is a little soft Roach shad I bought a while back. I have caught plenty of Pike and Perch on it, it’s still in pretty good condition, and they were only two pounds for three. For that kind of money, I think you really can’t go wrong. On the other hand on the market at the moment is a lure called the ‘Headbanger’.

The Headbanger is a beauty of a lure.

As much as it looks like an absolute beauty of a lure, and is made of quality material to a high standard it comes in at £22.00, and that’s just for one. I have yet to try one but when I do I will let you all know how I get on, So £2 for three or £22 for one please feel free to send in your thoughts. Are cheap Fishing lures the way forward or not??

It’s always worth checking the hooks.

Below is a selection of cheap fishing lures available on the internet, These are cheap lures at a very reasonable price. Sometimes its worth buying the cheaper ones. But like I mentioned before, it’s usually worth changing the hooks for decent barbless or semi barbless hooks.                             

A lot of effort goes into quality lures.

Listed below are some lures that are a fairly higher price. These are made by well-known lure companies such as Westin, Savage gear, Rapala, and Headbanger. A lot more research and effort goes into making these lures. The manufacturers have paid more attention to the finished detail, the general look of the lure and the lifelike movement in the water. Not to forget better quality hooks, which plays a very important part in any type of predator fishing. Again you can click on the images below and view the details or purchase the lure.             


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