Hi there, my name is Stuart and I am from the UK, I am the founder of acelures.com. Like many other people across the globe I enjoy a spot of lure fishing.

I find it tranquil, relaxing and exciting all at once. To be honest I don’t think you can beat it! There is nothing more rewarding than banking a big old predator. Especially if it has been caught on the lures. When buying my lures I find that, like so many other people, instead of going to my local tackle shop I tend to browse the web instead.

Then I start comparing between sites, ie the type of lures, prices, availability, reviews and how long before they’re delivered (I’m a bit impatient)  My aim is to provide all those things from this site. The internet has a serious amount of lures of all shapes and sizes to choose from, and to suit all budgets. I believe there’s just something very special about choosing your favourite lure, ordering it online, and then trotting down to your local water to try it out, its not just a sport its more of a passion.

At acelures.com you will see plenty of images and links, by clicking these you will be securely redirected to trustworthy tackle dealers, and online stores such as Amazon and Ebay. By referring people to such places to purchase products, I receive a very small referral fee from the company’s. Of which I will give 10% to a designated fishing charity at the end of the tax year. PS the referral fee DOES NOT affect the amount you pay.

Please feel free to post images of your fish in the gallery and what lure they were caught on, it’s always nice to know what’s catching. Also on all the posts there is a comments section, if you decide to write any questions or comments I will be sure to answer you straight back. Anyway I hope you enjoy my website and find it interesting and informative……tight lines everyone.



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